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    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.
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    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.
  • Crowed
    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.
  • Crowed
    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.
  • Crowed
    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.
  • Crowed
    the end of happiness
    We are Child On Fire! Spread the word.

welcome to child on fire !

We are truly proud of The End Of Happiness and we want the world to enjoy what we have created.

about cof

CHILD ON FIRE stands for passion, emotion and dedication!
Since 2008 the guys from Munich, Germany have pursued these criteria to express their love to music. Thereby they set a high value on individuality and identity: Rocking riffs, neckbreaking breakdowns and haunting melodies matched with electronical elements fuse to incomparable opuses which never lose their clear structure in spite of complexity. Thoughtful and critical lyrics mirror the thoughts of the four musicians!

Not only the latest albums “CHILD ON FIRE EP“ (2009) and “SET THIS WORLD ALIGHT“ (2011) but also their third opus “THE END OF HAPPINESS“ (2015) prove that CHILD ON FIRE excite both technical adept listeneres and lovers of simple rockmusic.

CHILD ON FIRE also prove this on stage because they live up to their name: Intense performances and absolute professionalism set the audience in motion. Every concert becomes great pleasure and CHILD ON FIRE supply memorable impressions!



SPH Bandcontest // Soundcafe - music



Child On Fire live // Kitu Club Saarbrücjen


Child On Fire /w QEF + Unveiling The Skies // 8 below club


Child On Fire /w Slears // Miesbach, Rosenheimerstr. 2

Unsere guten Freunde von SLEARS haben uns eingeladen, sie bei ihrer Album-Release-Show zu unterstützen. Da sagen wir natürlich nicht nein und werden den Laden ordentlich für sie anheizen!


Heavy Winterstorm Festival 2014 // Hansa 39

More information coming soon


Child On Fire live // volXgarten


Emergenza Songcontest 2014 Runde 1 // Backstage München


Child On Fire /w Scars Of A Lifetime // Luise - The Cultfactory

LUISE - The Cultfactory Scharrerstr. 15 90478 Nürnberg More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/658645420864032/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


Child On Fire /w The Final Impact // Jugendtreff Underground Bodenmais

Rocknight im Underground Bodenmais!!!


Child On Fire - Emergenza Songcontest 2014 Round II // Backstage München

/w Asylum, Bronsky Eleven, Chili Cocaine, Clawfish, I Am Vengeance, Illusive Light, Manix & TBBT, Mr. Serious and teh Groove Monkeys


Child On Fire /w Dante // Musikcafe weyHALLA


Child On Fire /w Defated //


Woodsmash Open Air 2014 // Waldkraiburg, Bayern


Child On Fire /w Copia (AUS) + Dante // BACKSTAGE München - Werk, Halle, Club, Werkstatt/Studio, Nachtbiergarten

Wir werden am 19.09. mit den Australiern COPIA und unseren Freunden von DANTE den Backstage Club München rocken!!! Seid mit dabei und genießt ein gigantisches Pensum an Ohrberieselung!!! More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/781064605283633/


Child On Fire RELEASE SHOW /w Scorefor + Crust'n'Drillaz + Slears // Alpengasthof Glück auf

Album Release Show Alpengasthof Glück auf Am Sportplatz 1 83734 Hausham Support: SCOREFOR Raygun Rebels SLEARS AK: 10,- €


Black & Yellow Festival München // KYESO Cafe-Restaurant-MusikBar

KYESO Candidplatz 9 81543 München


Child On Fire RELEASE TOUR Augsburg // Soho Stage

Soho Stage Augsburg Ludwigstraße 34 86152 Augsburg Support: Scars Of A Lifetime The Way Home Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Eintritt: 8,- € Nächster Halt unserer Release Tour wird die Soho Stage in Augsburg!!! Mit dabei sind unsere Freunde von Scars Of A Lifetime und von The Way Home! Seid dabei und lasst euch dieses Event nicht entgehen, haaappy people!!!


Child On Fire RELEASE TOUR Regensburg // Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei

Alte Mälzerei - Underground Galgenbergstraße 20 93053 Regensburg Support: 2 hours till Breakdown (Electronic Nu Rock aus Amberg) RedStick (Rock aus Regensburg) Einlass: 19:00 Eintritt: 8,- € Für unseren Release-Gig in der alten Mälzerei in Regensburg haben wir uns 2 hours till Breakdown und RedStick mit an Bord geholt. Seid mit dabei und lasst euch den Spaß nicht entgehen, haaappy people!!! ;)


Kirchstiegl Open-Air Festival Greisbach // Kirchstiegl-Burger and Rock-Veranstaltungen

Kirchstiegl-Burger and Rock-Fasching Schwarzenbergstraße 73 D-83730 Greisbach For more information visit the link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/764158157033858/


Child On Fire RELEASE TOUR Innsbruck (A) // LIVESTAGE

Livestage Andechsstrasse 67a A-6020 Innsbruck Support: Deadtime Stories https://www.facebook.com/DeadtimeStoriesOfficial?fref=ts Change Blindness https://www.facebook.com/changeblindness?fref=ts


Der Süden Bebt Festival 2015 Bad Tölz // Jailhouse American Diner & Bar

Wir haben die große Ehre, ein Teil des SÜDEN BEBT Festivals 2015 zu sein. Mit dabei sind unter anderem SCOREFOR und 2LOUD4U. More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1025655477467113/


Aevol World Tour 2015 //

We are happy to announce that we were invited so support the US future-rock-band THE MAENSION during their current world tour in Munich. You can order tickets for the show at www.facebook.com/childonfire!!!


Child On Fire RELEASE TOUR Germering // Cordobar Jugendbegegnungsstätte Germering

Cordobar Bahnhofsplatz 16 82110 Germering Support: Scars Of A Lifetime (Metalcore aus Nürnberg) https://www.facebook.com/scarsofalifetime I Am Vengeance (Metalcore aus München) https://www.facebook.com/I-Am-Vengeance-336136339819739/timeline/


Child On Fire Waldkraiburg // Schenkerhalle



Woodknock Festival 2016 // Jugendcafé im Quax

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/175379979507184/

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guitar & vocals

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mr. mädhouse


Don't scream, don't cry, just enjoy the pain.

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bass & vocals


features the end of happiness

We are truly proud of The End Of Happiness and we want the world to enjoy what we have created.

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